Infrastructure Facilities

Computer Laboratory:
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management has four spacious, air conditioned and centrally controlled and monitored Computer Laboratories. 200 well equipped and operational systems with current edition of antivirus, licensed software and latest configuration of hardware are made available to the students for their convenience in adapting to modern technology.

Knowledge Center:
Every year library purchases latest edition of academic books with latest contents on upcoming new theories for the students. It is well equipped with an adequate number of books, journals and magazines. The library provides access to 20 National and International journals, 11 newspapers in English and vernacular language and 15 magazines. Students can borrow an ample number of books for their study.
The E-library helps the students access thousands of books to select the content they wish to go through. Many e-books and e-journals are made available to the students for their need.

Language Lab:

The language laboratory is very useful for improving one’s communication skill. It provides students with the technical tools to get the best samples of pronunciation of the language. The electronic devices used in the laboratory stimulate the eyes and ears of the learner to acquire the language quickly and easily. The laboratory’s collection is designed to assist learners in the acquisition and maintenance of aural comprehension, oral and written proficiency and cultural awareness. The language laboratory offers broadcasting, television programmes, web-assisted materials and videotaped off-air recordings in the target language. In short, a learner can get the experience of having interaction with native speakers through the laboratory, Hence, the language laboratory has become the need of the hour in any language learning process for communication. Through continuous practice students learn how to use English effectively with ease and with minimal interference of mother tongue. Training in soft skills helps them fine tune their capabilities and realize their potentials.

Classroom Training:
The spirit of classroom training encompasses the fundamentals of theoretical and conceptual learning. Emphasis is given on the interactive learning process through case studies, assignments, quizzes and presentations made by the students

Wi-Fi Campus:
Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management has 10 Wi-Fi access points:-4 in college campus, 4 in Hostel, 1 in Library and 1 in language lab, to provide uninterrupted, free internet access at the speed of 10mbps to the students.

Separate Boys/Girls Hostel:
Hostel Swami Vivekananda Institute of Management hostel rooms are comfortably-furnished and make for a good home away from home. Girls and boys have separate blocks and each block has a fixed capacity. There is a range of accommodation options to choose from, for students’ convenience.The hassle-free accommodation gives them the comfort of company as they settle into their college and course. It also gives them opportunity to make friends and get acquainted with the campus and its facilities. Hostels are fully secure and have well- furnished and well-equipped rooms. In this kind of accommodation, they have access to TV room, leisure/sports activities and newspapers within the hostel premises.

Hygienic Canteen:
The well maintained air-conditioned canteen is available inside the campus and it serves economical, hygienic and healthy food for the students and employees.The kitchen is well-ventilated and equipped with modern and hygienic infrastructure.

Medical Facility:
A well-equipped dispensary under qualified doctors with first aid provisions for minor ailments and emergencies is maintained by the institute in order to look after the general state of health of the students in the institute as well as the hostels. Specialists visit the campus at least twice a month to ensure good health of the day scholars, staff and the inmates of the hostel.